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Maris's integrity, reputation, work ethic, and end product results can be confirmed by individuals, collectors, dealers, and gallery owners from Florida to Tennessee to New York to Michigan to Alabama to Louisiana to Texas to California and beyond.  Maris started his US based art business in Atlanta, Georgia and expanded to Houston, Texas.  He was located at Antiques on 8 from the first month it was open until it closed four years later. Maris is now happy to be located at 11111 Katy Freeway, Suite 910, Houston, Texas 77079

Maris has a notable capacity, talent, and natural endowment for art mixed with a special creative and artistic aptitude which establishes his ability to restore your antique oil paintings.

Besides his 30 years as an artist, Maris's background includes eight years of practical learning which enhances his ability to skillfully and competently do restoration and conservation of old antique fine art oil paintings and fine art frames.  

Maris has a never ending study of art from the 19th century which aides in  his knowledge of the science and mechanics of paint and canvas.  

He effectively applies his ability to the restoring and conserving of old antique fine art oil paintings and fine art frames, by using a combination of the best restoration materials offered in the U.S.   

Maris is an artist member of the Salmagundi Club, Fifth Ave, New York.

When you think art restoration Houston and beyond, think Life on the Wall.  
  Fine Art Oil Painting Restoration
  Houston, Texas