Oil Painting 
Restoration Conservation
Houston and Beyond
Restoring and conserving your inherited fine art antique paintings and antique frames will give them a new appeal and put them in good shape for the next generations.  
If you wish to sell your antique paintings, you may need to clean and to repair  them to enhance their value. 
If you are a collector, dealer, or gallery owner, having a trusted restorer to do your oil painting restoration enables you to buy damaged, dirty and aged antique art works at often remarkably low prices with the confidence that you will enjoy an unusually high profit margin.
When you think art restoration, think Life On The Wall.  Based in Houston, Texas,  serving the US and beyond...
Artist Search - We are happy to use our resources to help you find out more about the artist of your paintings that we restore for you. Let us know if you would like to take advantage of this free value added service.
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How to clean an oil painting or oil paintings.
Oil paintiing restoration..my thoughts.
Oil paintings with tears and holes

Fine Art Oil Painting
Restoration and Conservation 
Based in Houston 
Serving the US and beyond!

  • Cleaning off of old and dark, yellowing varnish.

  • Re-varnishing.

  • Correcting of flaking paint  problems.

  • Stabilizing loose, cracking or chipping paint layer.

  • Repairing water damage.

  • Removing dirt and smoke damage.

  • Repairing old canvases with holes or tears.

  • Re-coloring over-cleaned fine art paintings. 

  • Relining of unstable canvas.

  • Removing of creases

  • Repairing of bubbling canvas.

  • Restretching of loose canvas.

  • Repairing of unskilled restorations

Our prices are not expensive and they are not cheap.  They are fair. Our work is a very tedious, skilled work which must be precise.  Nothing we do can be done in a hurry.  We take pride in giving every piece of fine art the attention it deserves.   
Because every piece of work we receive has its own unique issues, we give individual quotes.
We require one half of the total price of the restoration in advance and the other half on delivery of the completed restoration project.  We accept cash and personal checks. 
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