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Houston SEO Service 2014

Houston SEO Search Engine Optimization

Iris Salmins has been doing search engine optimization (SEO) since 1996 in Houston and in locations as far as 5000 miles from Houston. She uses old and new tactics, strategies, and secrets to get her website and her clients’ websites and Internet presence on the first page of search engines.

  • Sites by Iris training for you and/or your staff – two hours – $550 paid in advance at the time of setting the appointment.  Clients with the Overwhelmed package, Works Package, or who have annual contracts for other marketing solutions will be eligible to purchase this training for $400. 

  • Key phrase discovery $450. 

  • Sites by Iris managed annual SEO package – 4 hours of SEO a month $450 each month paid in advance. This agreement may be cancelled after 2 months with a 30 day written notice. Payments must be current in order for the cancellation to become effective. 

Need examples of her expertise? Give her a call! 713-973-5707.

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