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Marketing Strategist Houston

 There IS a way to market your business.

How would you like to brainstorm with Iris for an hour, once a month?

Many businesses know that they have a need to increase their sales with marketing, but they are so overwhelmed that they do nothing. In some cases they have been burnt by marketing people so they do nothing.

If you have a budget for marketing Iris will help you understand what steps you need to take and in what order.

There are so many areas to think about such as your website, search engine optimization, social media, newsletters, blogging or Google Alerts, print media, broadcast, etc., etc..

At the end of the session every month there will be three choices for each necessary area of your marketing.

  • You and/or your staff will do what you have the understanding and skills to do….
  • Iris will train you and/or your staff to do what needs to be done for the published prices minus 15%.
  • Iris will manage the marketing for you for the published prices minus 15%

This is an annual agreement which may be canceled after three months with a 30 day notice as long as your payments are current.

$150 a month – Each month’s fee is due one week prior to your appointment. 

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