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Meet Iris

Has your marketing caught up with the 21st century? With so many options available in this swiftly changing landscape of websites, social media, SEO, and relationship marketing wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to help you sort out what is really going to increase your business income?


Enter, Iris Salmins, founder of Sites by Iris and Houston B2B Network.

Iris is a consummate professional that has been in the media world for years.

Born in Atlanta, GA, Iris studied Business Administration at the University of Tennessee.

Her first media experience began with writing radio commercials and talk radio program scripts and ended in she and her husband having their own radio program for 6 years.

Always an adopter of new technologies and trends, Iris started designing websites and doing search engine optimization back in the 1990’s when the Internet was just taking off.

When LinkedIn came along, Iris actively used it to build connections which in turn generated 40% of her total business.

Now, there is a new secret strategy tool that Iris is unveiling to her followers, Google Alerts. Although a few people have heard of it and even fewer are using it, Iris has developed a way to use it to help build Houston businesses. 

Iris isn’t just a techie and marketing pro though; she is also a dedicated and inspired artist.  As a member of Artists Alive and Well, one of her works won 1st prize at a Juried Exhibition that was judged by Patrick Palmer, Faculty Chair/Dean at Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Genuine and compassionate, Iris is a connector of people both online and in the ‘real’ world.  She is the founder of Houston B2B Network and is a member of HNN, and HJCC.   

Although Iris devotes much of her time behind the scenes, helping other businesses to thrive, she is also happy to step into the spotlight when it comes to accepting speaking engagements for network meetings and other events where she shares helpful information about her passions, Internet marketing, In-person relationship networking and how to navigate the ever-evolving world of social media, SEO and websites.

Iris fits the definition of a truly gifted woman who has traveled and lived internationally. She is equally comfortable in the worlds of art, technology and public speaking.

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